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The Music


Over 200,000 Tracks

Our music catalog consists of fully licensed music stretching over decades, including all genres.

Using fully licensed music is important because we want your event to not only be great but seamless. Having fully licensed music means that each track has been previewed and it is licensed to be played. You don't want your event to be interrupted by a bad download because you hired a cheaper DJ who does not own their own music. 

Great Music Makes Every Event Better

With a huge selection of music ready to be played at your event, you are assured to have the best possible entertainment making your event a huge success. 

Hiring a professional DJ with decades of experience and decades of licensed music, along with top quality equipment, we will exceed your expectations. 

Regardless if your event is large or small, we take the same care for all events so you can rest assured that your entertainment is in the best possible hands.

We Play What You Want

We will go over music selections with you prior to your event, making sure we know exactly what you want. Our goal is to make you and your guests have the best possible time.

A Great DJ

Part of making any event a success, a great DJ knows how to read the audience and knows exactly how to keep the great music playing, without gaps and without interruptions. With decades of experience in all different areas of entertainment, with us it goes beyond great music and great equipment, a professional DJ knows how to keep guests engaged and enjoying the event.

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